Resources for the Incoming Calculus Student


This link FHN Review for Calculus is the OLD review that I USED TO give to incoming calculus students. It says that it will be due some time shortly after we start school in the fall, but is purely to help you prepare for the course! It won't be collected, but shows you some older material written in the style of the Calculus tests! (Note also that on number 2, the spaces in the answers were supposed to be "not equal" symbols.) The nice thing is that it shows some topics that students see before calculus presented in a style like that seen on the AP calculus exam.


Some helpful websites for the future AP Calculus student:

If you find others that are particularly helpful to you, please email me and let me know!  These are just a few of the many out there and you might find others that really appeal to you if you just search for some.